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VMs: Re: Fresh information on my website

At 22:24 19/03/02 +0100, Petr Kazil wrote:
I can post the other quarters of the folio's but I'm severely limited in

How big are they? I'd love to see them, and have spare space on my (currently tiny) site. I've been trying to identify the various castles and towers on it, but the CopyFlo isn't much help. :-/

Also - running a decent *uncompressed* scan through image enhancement programs might well yield interesting results... (that's my plan, but I don't mind if you steal it!). :-)

 due to all the other nonsense I have on my website (Urban
exploration and Chamber choir).

I thought your name rang a bell! I'm a member of Subterranea Britannica myself. :-)

You really feel important when you sit in the "old valuable manuscripts room
with your pencil in your hand, looking like Indiana Jones searching for the
Holy Grail  :-)

Just be wary of any beautiful Nazi historians that offer to help you. :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....