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VMs: Re: (Fwd) More on Kircher letters

On 2002.04.22 14:24:12 +0000, Gabriel Landini wrote:
> Oops, Peiresc and Kircher were in contact in 1633...
> So if the letter was 1633, this could hold the reply. It seems 
> illegible though :-/
> 24. 	Kircher, Athanasius, and Christoph Scheiner. Letter to Peiresc,
> Nicholas Claude Fabri de, 1 December 1633, Paris, Bibliothèque
> Nationale. Call Number: BN FF 9538 f.234r-v Notes: Consulted
> 23/6/1995. Microfilm (illegible): 5016

This may very well mean that the microfilm is illegible, but not
the original letter.  As someone who's ploughed through a lot of
it, I can attest to the fact that microfilm is a horrible medium
and more often than not, unfortunately, has been very sloppily done.
(But please note that my opinion has been colored somewhat by recently
reading Nicholson Baker's "Double Fold"!)

> Gabriel