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VMs: Baresch - Bulgarian connection?

I'm almost certain that at least Rene must be aware of this, but just
thought someone else might find it interesting/unusual:

"What notes of [Dimitri] Nargles' work that do survive certainly fail to
make any sense, but the letter-writer Simon Palbera mentioned a chance
meeting with Nargles in Paris, where Nargles said that he had read Georg
Baresch's 'book of scribbles' - and 'much hard work it was to read'. Palbera
goes on to say that Nargles had written a small quote from the Necronomicon
in the book - beginning 'michiton oladabas'*- simply to 'muddy the waters'.
Normally Palbera's letters should be treated with some caution as to their
veracity, but the words Palbera uses in his letter are almost exactly those
found in the Voynich Manuscript. Palbera later mentions that Nargles did not
pass on his translation to other scholars because 'it is no longer my life's
purpose to be the reader of letters for a ruler'"

...and then goes on to thank the Palbera family - presumably they would hold
the letters of Simon Palbera making the reference to Baresch?

(*) hyperlinks to Jorge Stolfi's website


I wonder if there any serious background to any of this? Is it relevant at

ps. I could not find any "pope Beaugurs" - I won't even mention Necronomicon