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VMs: Re: Voynich & Baresch, historical detals

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> > The interesting thing is that both are called
> > "amici communes" which I interpret as "our mutual
> > friends". But who was Santinus? Wasn't he the
> > provincial of Soc. Jes. who carried the VMS to
> > Rome?
> Not yet :-)

Santinus is an Italian given name, it seems. So identification
may be difficult. I have found a Jesuit book published in 1604
where one Martinus Santinus is mentioned - but that is 
a rather long shot.

> > And how did you arrive at 1571 as the earliest date?
> He was alive in 1641, so I subtracted the 70 years
> life span which Marci reports (but could of course
> be off by up to 2 years due to rounding).

Oops... of course. The margin may be even up to
5 years here.

> > This is strange - as he (Fletcher) makes a
> > reference to the well known to us 27 April 1639
> > letter of Baresch as if it contained any hint
> > about his visit to Rome - but it certainly
> > does not?
> A mistake by Fletcher, but is it a mistaken letter
> reference, or a mistaken identity? I know from
> M.J. Gorman that Fletcher had only little time
> with the letters and had to work largely from his
> notes.

So I would guess that he misread the letter - especially
the info that Barschius was in Rome - but that was years

> > alphabets
> >     de Barachias, si la memoire no me trompe" v.
> > PUG. 568 f. 364.
> >     Aix, 30 March 1633.,

> So I am afraid it is not more than a tantalising
> coincidence.

Yes - sorry for bringing this up. It is certainly
a wrong clue.

> Rafal, didn't I once see a copy of this sword
> somewhere on your web site? Or is it another one...

No - it was the coronation sword of Polish kings.
But I will try to find out about that of Carolus Gustavus.

Best regards,