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VMs: Re: Rudolf II and his World

	I read it several years ago.  It seemed like a good
history.  I don't recall where Rudolf got his occult
interests.  The 
VMs is mentioned in a footnote -- interestingly enough,
it is called
neither "the Voynich manuscript" nor the "Roger Bacon

	It's been a long time since I read it, but it still
like a good background study for Voynichomanes.


Luis Vélez wrote:
> Has anyone read R. J. W. Evans's "Rudolf II and his World. A Study on
> Intellectual History, 1576-1612" (Thames and Hudson. Oxford, 1997, 321 pp.)?
> Bad genes set aside, Rudolf himself was raised in Spain... perhaps in touch
> with some of the pseudollullians...is there where his passion for
> Wunderkammers and all things mystical/alchemical arose?