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VMs: Rudolf II and his World

Has anyone read R. J. W. Evans's "Rudolf II and his World. A Study on
Intellectual History, 1576-1612" (Thames and Hudson. Oxford, 1997, 321 pp.)?

I find it interesting that Rudolf was a great-grandson of Juana de Castilla,
a.k.a. Juana La Loca ('Mad Jane'), the mentally ill princess-daughter of the
Kings of Spain (Fernando and Isabel, sponsors of Columbus) born in Toledo in
1479... she is, by the way, the subject of a new movie:

Bad genes set aside, Rudolf himself was raised in Spain... perhaps in touch
with some of the pseudollullians...is there where his passion for
Wunderkammers and all things mystical/alchemical arose?


ps. Nick, I'm still interested in any possible Soro-Simonetta-VMS