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It is great to hear from all of you. There were some statements that I would
like to learn more about. Thanks for any info you have ...

1 >>> ... having spent the past weeks doing VMS research on pseudollullian
(Ramon Llull) VMS suspects, and in the end discarding them altogether.

Could you give a short summary of why you were interested and why you
dropped the subject?
I read Llull's name often in the literature (was he about artificial
languages?) but haven't gathered any information yet. (I can't read the name
without wincing, "lul" is a gross word in Dutch.)

2 >>> We even have a selection of color photographs available only in the
last year.

Are those the one's on the Beinecke website or have I missed something?

3 >>> I haven't been able to find a copy of Lycosthenes. Does someone know
about one? It really looks interesting.

I'm still interested. I fond no traces of it in the Royal Library, only on
the Internet. But there must be some facsimile editions or translation

4 >>> The character variations mentioned are associated with the plants in
the herbal section.  Pages with the same leaf counts, etc. tend to use the
same variations of characters.

This sounds interesting ...

5 >>> A fold-out in the VMS has a parallel with an astrological Mapa Mundi,
and if this is indeed an actual astrological overlay map, it would have
required a great deal of mathematical knowledge to create.

Do you refer to the 3*3 rosette page or to another page?

6 >>>  It is not easy to produce large amounts of nonsense to order, as
Edward Kelly discovered to his cost.

There is a whole world of thought behind this sentence. I know EK came to a
bad end, but how does that relate to "producing nonsense"? You mean his
scryer's activities?