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VMs: Bill Gates and the VMS?

The following information was discovered on abebooks.com.  Was
anyone aware that Bill Gates now owns the Voynich?

William Romaine Newbold. THE CIPHER OF ROGER BACON.
www.sacredscience.com Sacred Science Institute 1928. As NEW.
Metaphysics 224p. This Is An Analysis & Interpretation Of The
Famous Voynich Manuscript, Attributed To The Great Middle-Age
Alchemist & Cosmologist Roger Bacon, Said To Encode The Universal
System Of Order & Knowledge, But Written In A Sophisticated
Symbolic Code. The Original Voynich Manuscript Was Purchased Some
Time Ago By Bill Gates For Around $70,000, No Doubt To Feed The
Imagination Of His Cryptography Team. Contents: Forerunner Of
Modern Science; Voynich Cipher Manuscript Of Roger Bacon: Sketch
Of Its History & Contents; Principles Of Roger Bacon's Cipher;
Following The Clues; Derivation Of Bilateral Alphabets; Script Of
Shorthand Cipher; Rules For Deciphering Texts; Interpretation Of
The Key; Annular Eclipse Of 1290; Great Nebulae Of Andromeda;
Comet Of 1273; Cato & Fulvius; Oxford Story; Gunpowder Phenomena;
Vatican Document; Paris Medical Text; Formula For Producing
Metallic Copper; Abbreviated Word About The Green Lion; Table Of
Values. Facsimile Reprint 1999st edition. Binding is Spiral Bound.
Book # 188