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VMs: Re: Michiton oladabas

I have spent (wasted?) considerable time on trying to project some
meaning into the scribbles on f116v, and I am strongly convinced
(though completely empty-handed when it comes to presenting
water-proof evidence :-) that GC is right: we are looking at some
would-be decipherer's futile attempts.

Whereas virtually all of the single "words" can be found elsewhere
in the MS, I could not detect a continuous piece of text that matches
the entire "Michiton ..." sequence. There might be none, or, if it ever
existed it might have been on one of the lost pages near the end
of the MS. In both cases, I felt that it was not worth dedicating more
time to the search.

To go one step further, I do not think at all that the text on f66r
is Old High German - and it certainly does not mean "der muß del".
I would rather suggest that here also one of our predecessors tried
to make sense out of the strange text he looked at. Unfortunately,
I currently lack the time to go deeper into this, but I can give you
an example to illustrate what I am trying to say: the "muß" part
suspiciously reminds me of "8am" in mirror writing, and with that
assumption you could also explain the remaining "words".

To sum it up: it is my guess that on f66r someone tried to decode text
by mirroring it and slightly altering it to resemble forms of writing more
familiar to him. I hope I will be able to present more supporting
evidence at a later time :-)

Best regards,

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