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Re: VMs: The Star Chart on f68r3

On Tuesday 24 Dec 2002 1:53 am, Robert Teague wrote:

> The Pleiades are carefully drawn, and using their orientation,
> found matches for all the stars shown. The diagram shows
> an area about 15° in diameter.
> The star with the Pleiades in the northwest segment is not
> Aldebaran, as has been guessed, but a 5th magnitude star
> identified as HIP 17954.

I have Kstars (that comes with KDE) I am not sure how accurate it is and 
whether the star names are "all in there".

Aldebaran is shown as the brightest star (1.1 according to Kstars) of Taurus 
(I think that this was the only reason why it was suggested as a candidate). 
Alnath (the second brightest 3.0) is further away, but Ain (what a good 
name!! 3.6) is closer to the Pleiades.

Given the poor quality of the drawings in general, can we rely on the exact 
positioning of the stars in the diagrams?

The single star in f86r3 (next to the alleged Pleiades) has 7 points and the 
rest of the Pleiades have 6. If the number of points roughly indicate the 
magnitude, then perhaps we should assume that the single star should be 
brighter than the brightest one in the Pleiades (which is Alcyone 3.0).
The nearest star to Alcyone (and brighter) is Atik (omicron Persei) with 
magnitude 2.9 and the second next is (again) Aldebaran. 
If I had to bet a pizza, I would still keep Aldebaran as a likely candidate, 
however my conviction would depend on how many pizzas I had to buy if I lost 



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