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Re: VMs: Merlons in the Southwest

At 14:39 28/12/02 -0800, Jim Gillogly wrote:
Nick Pelling wrote:
Perhaps it might be a good idea to find if any other copies of the Kraus book are in other (more sympathetic) libraries or private hands, as there appears to be much more to be found here... just a thought! :-)

There's a copy for sale at Francis Edwards Booksellers in Hay on Wye, UK: http://www.antiqbook.com/books/bkslrsearch.phtml?Language=en&owner_id=edw&sAuthor=kraus&sTitle=catalogue&sBn=&sKeyword=&sFirstName=&=+Search+ They want 75 quid for it, or 117.50 euros.

I've just ordered this, hopefully the next step will be to take it to the most amazing scanner in Christendom (well - in the UK, anyway). :-)

Who knows what we'll find? :-)

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