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VMs: Moretus

I have just found this interesting piece concerning 
the person who carried the first (lost) Baresch's letter
to Kircher:

Theodore Moretus (1602 ? 1667), an importatnt mathematician 
from Belgium. The latter is the author of the first mathematical 
dissertationes defended in Prague. His arrival in Prague meant 
a radical increase of the level of mathematical studies in 
the Clementinum. Moretus´scientific diaries containing technical 
notes and drafts as well as his correspondence with pre-eminent 
European scholars of that time (e.g. Kircher, Conrad, Riccioli etc.) 
are reckoned among the rare documents preserved in the National 
Library of the Czech Republic.


These diaries and correspondence may certainly contain some
clues on Baresch or even the VMS!

Best regards,

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