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VMs: Grolier Club

The item in the VMS bibliography by Jim Reeds which is
"Manuscripts 33":

   Voynich, Wilfrid; Voynich, Ethel, and Nill, A. M. Notes 
   concerning the history of the cipher manuscript. Voynich
   Archives, Library of the Grollier Club of New York, 
   1917-196?. [Not seen, unless identical with Beinecke MS 408 B.]

has now full on-line inventory at:


Box 6 is of special interest - VMS research files and correspondence
with Newbold, Bishop and Belle Da Costa Greene of the Pierpont 
Morgan Library (a letter from 1915 so may be relevant).

I am also intrigued by the three 1891 letters in Russian
in the light of the recent "Russian theory".

Best regards,

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