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Re: VMs: Re: VMS in Russia?

Rene Zandbergen wrote:

> > Still, this seems rather strange. Is the actual text
> > of that letter by EVW known? And who opened it?
> I saw the letter in the Beinecke, and
> transcribed part of it. I had the very notebook in
> my hand a few weeks ago, but can't locate it just
> now.

I think it would be valuable information (unless it is already
on someone else's Web site?).

> The letter was opened by Miss Nill.
> I don't remember if the letter referred specifically
> to the VMs or to the whole collection. It could be
> relevant. 

Indeed! Moreover, if your conspiracy theory is true,
it would be a great opportunity to "wash" the "dirty MS".

> In any case, there is a lot of other
> correspondence in the Beinecke material, and there
> is not a possible doubt that Voynich bough a number
> of MSS that previously belonged to the SJ, from
> the Jesuits of the Villa Mondragone. And that he
> had to do it secretly.

I can understand the purchase was done in secret - but
why should it be kept secret after Voynich's death?
And if so, why not after Ethel's death? Very strange.

> > What exactly does it say? Does it mention any item
> > that might be identified as the VMS?
> It refers to items in 'De Ricci' (reference on
> my web site). MS 8 in that list is the Voynich
> MS. De Ricci was published by Kraus. The foreword
> is written by Miss Nill. In the section about
> Voynich's MSS, they acknowledge the executors
> of the will of Mrs. Voynich, which again I think
> includes Miss Nill.

But De Ricci was published in 1937 - so the secret had
already been revealed then? So why Ethel's letter?

And note that Miss Nill participated in the production
of this volume and certainly supplied the information
on the Voynich estate MSS provenience. 

I was also amazed at what Erla Rodakiewicz wrote to Strong
in 1945:

   I wish I could help you gain access to the photostatic copy, 
   but I am in a rather peculiar position myself in connection 
   with another Voynich MS. - the De re militari of Roberto 
   Valturio of Riemini (+1475). Miss Nill, co-owner with 
   Mrs. Voynich, objected strongly to my mention of the MS. in 
   an article in the 1940 issue of "Maso Fuigerra", published 
   in Milan, by Prof. Donali of the Vatican Library. The irony 
   of the situation is that my article was intended to promote 
   interest in the MS. and was dedicated to the memory of my 
   old friend.

> > Perhaps it would be helpful to know what other
> > items he bought then and there.
> I checked the list in Ruysschaert against 'De Riccí'

How about the 1915 Chicago announcement? Does it list any items?

> so have detailed information. I can post it if
> anyone is interested.
> (Didn't I include this part in the web page:
> http://www.voynich.nu/sources.html ) ?

Yes, sorry for missing it (your Web site is so large!).

> Just to add to the fun: in my original 'conspiracy'
> theory, Miss Nill was also a Russian 'plant' put
> on the trail of Voynich and the Voynich MS to
> make sure that he stayed honest, and that the MS
> could fullfill its role in the US.
> In that light, everything fits and Miss Nill did
> a very good job.
> Not that I believe any of this....

Still, it is somehow unclear to me - and not fully
convincing we *really* know what happened.

Best regards,

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