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Re: VMs: Re: VMS in Russia?

Hi everyone,

Rafal Prinke wrote:-
I was also amazed at what Erla Rodakiewicz wrote to Strong
in 1945:

   I wish I could help you gain access to the photostatic copy,
   but I am in a rather peculiar position myself in connection
   with another Voynich MS. - the De re militari of Roberto
   Valturio of Riemini (+1475). Miss Nill, co-owner with
   Mrs. Voynich, objected strongly to my mention of the MS. in
   an article in the 1940 issue of "Maso Fuigerra", published
   in Milan, by Prof. Donali of the Vatican Library. The irony
   of the situation is that my article was intended to promote
   interest in the MS. and was dedicated to the memory of my
   old friend.


Third book down on this page is a quick description of the Vatican's copy of "De re militari": click on the image to see Valturio's "wind-wagon", which (along with Guido da Vigevano's slightly more famous version) is described in Jean Gimpel's "The Medieval Machine", the book that apparently contains everything important in the world. :-)

In brief: a number of manuscript copies of the "De Re Militari" existed in manuscript form (mid-C15) before being printed - I can only reasonably infer from the above that the Voynich-owned MS of this probably shared much the same recent provenance as the VMS (if not the SJ, then whatever it ultimately turns out to be).

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: Erla Rodakiewicz was also the source of the North Italian 15th Century attribution of wolkenband in the VMS mentioned here last year (but not credited on-list, shame on me):-
http://www.ehabitat.demon.co.uk/vms/letter-050.html ...or...
http://www.baconbooks.net/Voynich/strong_letters.pdf (on page 50)

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