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Re: VMs: Re: VMS in Russia?

And one more thing. Rene wrote:

> > The letter was opened by Miss Nill.
> > I don't remember if the letter referred specifically
> > to the VMs or to the whole collection. It could be
> > relevant.

and Erla Rodakiewicz:
>    Miss Nill, co-owner with
>    Mrs. Voynich, objected strongly to my mention of the MS. in
>    an article in the 1940 issue of "Maso Fuigerra", 

So Miss Nill was the co-owner of the estate in 1940.
This suggests that Wilfred left it to them *both* in 1930
rather than to his wife only. Moreover, Miss Nill
had been his secretary before he went to America in 1914
- so probably in 1912 when he purchased the VMS. Then
she lived with him in NYC for 6 years before Ethel
joined them. 

I just can't believe Miss Nill didn't know something
about the MSS collection that Ethel knew! So what
the purpose of the letter was?

My new theory: the VMS is a complex nihilist plot.
Is it a coincidence that ELV first translates 
"What is nihilism" by Stepniak and then lives 
for 30 years with "Miss Nill"? :-)

Best regards,

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