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Re: VMs: REf: VMs IS Welsh

1/23/03 2:32:15 PM, "Donald Goodell" <donald.goodell@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>   Any Ideas at all by any thinking individuals in this group on these
>   issues?

>   Forgive me if this has been discussed before, I am a newbie to the group

Such things have been discussed before, again and again and again,
since the time this group was created, about 12 years ago.

What gives it away is this:

> [I] was able to translate a fair amount of words on two (short) 
> pages (over 10% actually)

Two pages being 1% of the VMS, this figure of 10% must refer to 
the amount deciphered on those two pages.

I would just like to repeat (again!) how John Chadwick 
demonstrated that the Phaistos Disk could not be 
deciphered. In order to do that, he deciphered it.
As a text on water rights. In Medieval Japanese.

Given a short enough text, it possible to read anything
into it. That is known in cryptology as the paradox
of the laundry list. When out of a very long text,
you pick a small subset such that it lends itself
to decipherment, well, I'd call that "the paradox
of the Bible Code".

(I've always held that the length of Cleopatra's
nose predicted the birth of Nostradamus).

Frogguy (a.k.a. Jacques Guy)

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