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VMs: Voynich Catalogue No. 31


Regarding Catalogue No. 31, can anyone suggest a date please?

A curious thing happened yesterday. I found an original Voynich
book catalogue in a charity shop. I don't suppose these catalogues
are all that rare, but what are the chances, I wonder, of a VMS nut
finding a Voynich catalogue in a small charity shop (aka thrift
shops) oh his doorstep as it were, in his local very small and
sleepy market town in remote rural Gloucestershire?

Is someone trying to tell me something? 

It is undated but internal evidence puts it
after 1911. His business addresses are given as
68 & 70, Shaftesbury Avenue, W,  London;
Palazzo Borghese, Via Ghibellina, 110, Florence;
Centnerszwer i Ska, Marszalkowska, 143, Warsaw;
and an agency in Vienna -
A.S. Levetus, XIX Peter Jordangasse, 27.

In the front of the catalogue he also announces "In consequence
of the rapid growth of my business in France, I have found it
necessary to open a permanent branch in Paris, under the
management of Mr. St. Neyman, who has for some time been
my Parisian representative. I have, therefore, taken a salon in
the Hôtel St. James, 211, Rue St. Honoré, where the stock is on
view every weekday from 2 to 7. p.m.
This stock consists of :-
Precious Illuminated Manuscripts (10th to 15th centuries),
Single Miniatures on Vellum,
Books from the 15th to 18th centuries illustrated with Woodcuts
and Copperplates,
Typographical Munumenrs,
Incunabula and Black-letter Books,
Early Maps and Playing Cards,
Historical Bundings,
Rare Books of all kinds,
and sometimes Original Drawings by the Great Masters.
Like my London and Florence houses, this branch
undertakes the formation of literary, historical, artistic and scientific
collections, but does not accept commissions to buy at auctions,
neither are any modern books kept in stock.
The Branch issues Catalogues from time to time. Orders from the
other ranches can be made through Paris.
Wilfrid M. Voynich"
This page is then given all over again in French.

Catalogue No. 31 has 43 nice plates at the back which are most
curious and interesting but not particularly relevant to 'our' Voynich MS.

I would be most grateful if someone could suggest a date
for this catalogue please. Many thanks....



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