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VMs: Notes on f69r and other observations

Sorry, I don't see your stand-alone chars...Maybe if I cross my eyes a little and stare longer <grin>

You have 4 as "e" and then 4 as ? below.  

If you read them counter clockwise could it be...

o 8 y m s l
1 2 3 ? 4 5

Just trying things.

Alternatively, if the numbers are out of order (1, 5, 7, ?, 4, 8) could they signify constellations (1st, 5th..)?

Also, there appears to be a character in the center.  Could that be 0?

While reading 16th & 17th century French military documents I find they often used "p" for one (premiere) as in Le P de Juin... could something like that be happening here?  

Also, in French they use "e" as we do "th","rd" and "nd" (4th, 3rd, 2nd) - in my (albeit somewhat arbitrary at this point) translation of Voynich "l" I see it as English r.  Does anyone know a language that would say something like the 17r of December?

Lastly, I have noticed that many of the "8"s in the Voynich are not necessarily 8s at all.  If you look at the brushstroke it appears that many of them are intended to be closer to an "m" than "8" and others something different(as in the symbol in 69r that ppears to be more of the way I write the & while writing than 8 or m).  

I have also noticed that some of the characters are written from the right side.  for instance, "l", you can notice the character is started from the right side, loops and descends to the left.

It seems strange that some characters would be written in one direction and others in the other.  If the text is written left->right it would be more difficult for the scribe to fit a right->left character correctly and vice versa.

Larry Roux
Syracuse University
>>> rteague@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 01/26/03 11:23 AM >>>
Larry Roux wrote:

> I was looking at f69r and thinking that maybe the "numbers" in the center
are in order.  That would
> make it
> o 8 y g? s l
> 1 2 3 4  5 6

By an odd coincidence, I was studying f69r this morning.
Yes, the letters around the center do seem to be numbers. I
make them (clockwise from EVA < o >:

o,  l,  s, ?, e, d
1, 5, 7, ?, 4, 8

That 4th one I just can't make out. There are a couple of similar
letters in the EVA alphabet, but nothing exact (that I saw).

This folio may also have helped fill in two of the missing numbers.
If you start from the odd line at the 2 o'clock position and go
clockwise, you can pick out a stand-alone letter in each line
that goes:

o,  r, y, ?,  l,  k, s, d, ch
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

I might just be seeing what I want to (easy to do with the Voynich : ) ),
but I hope not. Let me know what you think.

> Can you check December of 1416 for the Pleiades/Aldabran/Moon combo you
were looking at originally in 1615?
> Just a hunch.

Sure. Just a second...

No match. No planet is in the right position, nor does
the Moon occult the Pleiades.


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