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Re: VMs: Syntax of Voynichese

Very nice article
The difference between your "Red" and "Green" words is just in word order and word position.
It is a syntax :-)))

Have you investigated the groupong of words having similar forms?
I mean -aiin words seems to stay  together,  like a tence dependency
It can be for example, plural suffix-
The same is with q-words, they like to make groups inside a sentence.

Then, if we see a combination of a "Green" and "Red" word in the paragraph, like "cthy tocheldy"m we can suppose,
that here is the end of a seauence/subsequence...

Akinori Ito wrote:

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003 23:54:45 +0100
Vladimir Sazonov <vladimir@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

It is clear that h-,t-,p-,f- words stays on the beginning of the sentence.
We see also that the distribution on the end of the sentence is very 
special, the words starting with ch- and d- have clear preference 
against their probability.
Therefore we can define groups of words according their morfology and 
syntax role in the sentence.
Read details in

My feeling is that it is too early to call the statistical property
`syntax'. It might be, but contextual behavior of Voynichese `words'
is far from that of natural language yet. 

BTW, I checked the initial/final character of red/green words. The result
is very similar to your conclusion, as expected. The differences are that
the green group contains d- and s- words. Group of cph/ckh/cfh wasn't 
statistically confirmed. Check out the following:


Akinori Ito
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