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VMs: Example of a simple cipher in the VMS...?

Hi everyone,

Please don't get too excited, but I think I ~may~ have found an example of a simple cipher embedded in the VMS! I kept coming back to one particular line on f79v in the balneological section (the page with the animals drinking from the pool at the bottom)...

<f79v.P.15;H> yteedy.qokeedy.qokai!n.olkeey.cheokain.dy.teey.qokai!n-

...and it suddenly struck me this morning that "...ain.dy.teey..." might be the key! I've assembled some of the rest of the cipher, please try this out, see what you think...

	a	A
	c	Q
	d	I
	e	O
	h	U
	i	P
	k	T
	l	N
	n	R
	o	E
	q	S
	t	F
	y	L

However, I don't currently believe the rest of the VMS is in the same simple cipher, though, which I find quite mysterious... interesting! :-o

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: anyone prefer randomisation? I like following on other leads... :-)

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