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VMs: New guy on the block


I'm very new to this, so please accept my barging into your April fool's
jokes. Thankfully that date is past, so hopefully I can get some serious
answers to my questions.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Dan Gibson. I've done lots of
things during my life, among them cryptology. I am also acquainted with
a number of ancient and modern languages. While researching another
topic yesterday, I stumbled across several web pages about the Voynich
manuscript. To say the least, I am completely intrigued. I would love to
tackle this project, but I have several questions that I hoped someone
here might be able to help me with.

First off, is there access to primary source material? As this is
obviously a technical book, I would like access to the first couple of
pages of the book, which I would hope contain the least amount of
technical vocabulary. I would assume that the writer would write some
sort of introduction, however brief. This would be the most useful
material to start from. Are photographs of this material available? I am
particularly interested in how they are laid out on the page.

Second, I noticed some discrepancies between the EVA font, (which I've
downloaded) and the work done by John Stojko, on his web page "The
Cipher, from Letters to God's Eye" in 1978. On this web page, John tries
to compare the script found in the Voynich manuscript with Ukrainian.
Why do his letters differ significantly from those found in the Eva
font? Is it possible that the EVA font is flawed? It seems that some of
the letters, (F and Z for instance) in the EVA font are actually the
same character.

The EVA font apparently contains only 11 characters, John Stojko has 20
in his chart. Am I not manipulating the EVA font correctly?

I'm looking forward to your replies.

Dan Gibson

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