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Re: VMs: New guy on the block

Hi Dan,

At 09:08 02/04/03 +0200, Dan Gibson wrote:
First off, is there access to primary source material? As this is
obviously a technical book, I would like access to the first couple of
pages of the book, which I would hope contain the least amount of
technical vocabulary. I would assume that the writer would write some
sort of introduction, however brief.

My guess is that f1r (especially the big red glyphs) would most probably be a dedication... but who knows? :-o

This would be the most useful
material to start from. Are photographs of this material available? I am
particularly interested in how they are laid out on the page.

You can buy a CopyFlo directly from the Beinecke, which - though flawed - is a very cool artefact to arrive in the post: but if you have broadband (or are extremely patient), you might instead try the scans from microfilm at:-


It's not a complete set, but it's not far off. :-)

The EVA font apparently contains only 11 characters, John Stojko has 20
in his chart. Am I not manipulating the EVA font correctly?

EVA tries to be representation-neutral by representing the VMS' letters closer to strokes - putting those strokes (and glyphs) together in just the right way is not an easy task.

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

PS: I thought my acrostic was quite neat, all the same. ;-)

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