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VMs: RE:New Guy on the Block

Since coming across the Voynich Manuscript and your discussions, we at
Nabataea.net have been scrambling to do some Middle Eastern research
connected to the VMS. Today we hit pay dirt.   Recently a manuscript
changed hands in the Middle East (Feb 2003) that contains a script
similar to that found in the VMS. This manuscript was  obtained by Dr.
Nayyif Qusus of Amman Jordan and is currently located in his personal
collection at the  Neumistic Museum in Amman. Dr. Qusus holds a Phd in
Early Islamic Coins, and he trades in ancient coins and buys ancient
curios from Arabs. The manuscript was obtained by Dr. Qusus around
February 2003  (pre-Iraq war). It is around 1/2 thick, with a leather
cover. It contains only text, and no illustrations. It is written in an
unknown language. The  nabataea.net reader who brought this to our
attention possessed a photocopy of a single page from the manuscript. We
obtained this on April 30th  2003. It can be viewed at
http://nabataea.net/manus.html.  I spoke with Dr. Qusus on the telephone
and he promised to photocopy some more pages  for me. He also mentioned
that some of the pages contain notes in another language. He said that
it appeared to be an Arabic script (Dr. Qusus is an  Arab) but the
language is not Arabic. Hopefully he photocopies some of these pages for
us. I have called this the Qusus Manuscript after Dr. Nayyif  Qusus. I
know of no history to this manuscript, and we may not be able to trace
it's history as many items that change hands in the Middle East have  no
previous owners, and cash is usually paid. Please have a look at the
page I've posted on the Internet and let me know if you think it is the
same  script or a related cousin, or perhaps the original script before
European monks corrupted it.

Dan Gibson

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