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Re: VMs: michiton oladabas explained

Hello all,

I was a lurker back in the times when this list was at rand.org, then
got lost between cryptogram.org and lack of free time... now I'm happy I
have found this list again. 

On Sun, 2003-04-13 at 06:34, Dennis wrote:
> Marcin Ciura wrote:
> > 
> > Has anyone inspected if Voynichese characters resemble
> > Glagolitic ones? 
> 	John Grove and I did this a long time ago and found
> that they don't.
> Dennis

I can confirm this. There is no resemblance whatsoever. In some late
(18th century) glagolitic handwriting the letter 'on' has the shape of a
circle (just like latin, cyrillic and EVA 'o') and the letter 'uk' takes
the shape of an eight, either descending or ascending from the base
line: in the latter case it resembles EVA 'd'. That's all. The printed
forms of these letters are _very_ different. There are many more
resemblances between Voynichese and latin handwritten alphabets: o a c i

"Sa badalo No Tichim" is a very nice try, but 

1) Why should the reversed text begin at the middle of the line? 

2) How do these words relate to the rest of the paragraph?

Exceptional claims require exceptional proofs.

By the way, looking for 'michiton' in google I found this page 
which is very funny...

..and I have a request: could somebody mail me a file with all list
postings from March 18 (end of the MHonArc archive at voynich.net) to
present? Possibly in the same format as the "unstructured" Reeds
archives from previous years? Thanks in advance!


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