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RE: VMs: RE: RE: Cicco Simonetta / Sartirana / library...?

Gabriel wrote:
> Glen, which are those? Do you mean in the sequences?
> Can you point to an example?

Certainly.  If we start around the second ring of f57v, from the
clearly marked starting point, we have o,e,8 none of which are
strictly shorthand symbols, but are found in shorthand.  The next
symbol, Currier?s 2, is also not strictly shorthand, but found in
shorthand.  So is the next symbol, a ^.  This is either ?a? or ?g?
in shorthand systems.

The next symbol, your picnic table, is not limited to shorthand,
but found in all ancient shorthand systems.  Its old meaning was
apparently G+l, gal, short for the new testament book Galations.
This followed by a gallows, an old Latin shorthand symbol and also
incorporated into English shorthand systems in various ways.  The
next two glyphs have various meanings in various systems,
primarily as compounds.

This brings me to my favorite glyph, which looks like this:

          |   O    /\
          |       /  \
          |______/    \

In Shelton?s second system (from which all these meanings are
derived), this is a combination of two words, Fear, and God.  The
letter F is drawn

      |                                          /\
      |                                         /  \
      |______    and the letter G is drawn     /    \

The word feare is created by adding the dot over the letter F.  In
Shelton?s system, ?Feare of God? is written without the dot, and
?Feare God? is written with the dot.  This is clearly a compound,
and occurs no where else in all the books I?ve looked at.

All these symbols have shorthand equivalents, but?s lets skip to
some of the others that convince me this is derived from

This symbol   \      is shorthand, but not limited to Shelton.
The symbol following this however, is unique in my view to
shorthand, and comes in two variations, both of which can be found
in Shelton, and mean ?rn? and ?rne?.  Unfortunately it doesn?t
draw well in txt.

I don?t have time to go through all the unique symbols that can be
found in the VMS starting from f1v, but I can say that I have
found each and every one of them in Shelton?s earlier and later

Once I?ve gone through the entire manuscript and catalogued each
symbol, I?ll be able to present my page that sources each of these
glyphs, including some that are apparently holdovers from Tyronian

Meanwhile, if anyone has any information on old manuscripts
written in shorthand, especially non-English manuscripts, I?d very
much appreciate it.


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