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Re: VMs: Enigma connection?


I work in NYC, and was a few blocks from the location of the Jozef Pilsudski
Institute on Friday. I might be able to go to that part of the city on
Tuesday morning again.

I see that they're open Mon/Tue/Wed from 10 to 5. How should I ask for the
Wilfrid Cipher? Any catalog number? Is it what shows as "64/Major Witold
Langenfeld Papers/1925-1947" in
http://www.pilsudski.org/English/Collections/arch-collections.htm and as
"T.9. Opracowania: Kryptografia, Szyfr Wilfrid, Poczatki kryptografii, Szyfr
pamieciowy, maszynopisy, brak autora (bd.). " in

I better take the digital camera with me, the same one I used to take
pictures of the three "Russian" letters a few months ago at the Grolier
Club. Those letters turned out to be, apparently, partly handwritten in
Polish, but they turned to be very difficult to read because it uses old
Cyrillic letters (that's what I've been told by two unrelated people).
Perhaps they could help me in the library with those letters too.



160 Central Park South
NY, NY 10019

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> At 22:47 26/04/2003 +0200, Rafal wrote:
> >I have strayed to Web pages of Jozef Pilsudski Institute
> >of America in New York with a listing of its archives.
> >In the listing of its archives (not in English yet):
> >
> >      http://dione.ids.pl/~ijp/pol/aog2.html
> >
> >under LANGENFELD Witold Karol (ur. 1896), and T. 9 [vol. 9]
> >of the materials presented to the Institute by Ludwik E. Michael
> >there are some manuals, which include (translating the titles):
> >_Cryptography_, _Wilfrid Cypher_, _Beginnings of cryptography_,
> >_Memory cypher_ - all in typescript, without author or date.
> >
> >_Wilfrid cypher_ is obviously what alarmed me. Is a cypher
> >by that name known? Or was there a tradition of a cypher
> >invented by Wojnicz in Poland and knowned by his conspiracy
> >pseudonym?
> I guess we just have to have a look at it and see what we see - is anyone
> here planning to be in New York (specifically Second Avenue) any time
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