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Re: VMs: Enigma connection?

CDA wrote:

> I see that they're open Mon/Tue/Wed from 10 to 5. How should I ask for the
> Wilfrid Cipher? Any catalog number? Is it what shows as "64/Major Witold
> Langenfeld Papers/1925-1947" in
> http://www.pilsudski.org/English/Collections/arch-collections.htm and as
> "T.9. Opracowania: Kryptografia, Szyfr Wilfrid, Poczatki kryptografii, Szyfr
> pamieciowy, maszynopisy, brak autora (bd.). " in
> http://dione.ids.pl/~ijp/pol/aog2.html?

Yes (as Nick has already said) this should be precise enough.
As this is "Vol. 9", I believe those manuals are bound together.
The most interesting would be the first few pages 
of _Szyfr Wilfrid_ - but _Szyfr pamieciowy_ (Memory cypher)
sounds interesting in its own right.

> I better take the digital camera with me, the same one I used to take
> pictures of the three "Russian" letters a few months ago at the Grolier
> Club. Those letters turned out to be, apparently, partly handwritten in
> Polish, but they turned to be very difficult to read because it uses old
> Cyrillic letters (that's what I've been told by two unrelated people).
> Perhaps they could help me in the library with those letters too.

I must apologize that I haven't tried harder to find someone
who could read them. They were in Russian, actually, with
only a few words in Polish - but reading them for a person
who otherwise can read modern Russian is quite difficult
because of the old cursive hand. I used to read even older 
Russian but in clean calligraphic hands.

Best regards,

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