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VMs: Tironian notes

Nick, this description of the "4" symbol in Tironian notes
certainly matches the "4" in the VMS, although I've always seen
the symbol written smaller.  I had often wondered why the "4" is
the only tall symbol that is lowered to the level of lower case

"a character in a word-final position and shaped something like a
number "4" (placed low on the line so that the top of it is
aligned with the top of lower case letters) is frequently used to
represent the syllable "rum" or "run" (or "arum" or "orum");
"line4" = "linearum"; "re4" = "rerum"; "eo4" = "eorum"; etc. This
can also be used more generally for any cluster of letters which
include an r: "A4" = "Aristoteles."


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