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Re: VMs: Conclusions - Algorithm?

Hi Vladimir,

So, there are 4 possibilities
(1) HIGH USABILITY. The cipher is simple to encode and to decode. Then, after a short training the VMS "language" is
simple readable and writable whithout intermedial step of "coding".
(2) HIGH SECRET. The author was very afraid (of church, authorities etc.) and done the cipher VERY deep - encoding and decoding takes MANY steps,
the text is not directla readable/writable after a training.
(3) CIPHERING MANIA. The author wanted to make encoding-decoding as complex as possible.
(4) TRICK. The author wanted to sell the book as expensive as possible, and used the deep ciphering as a marketing trick.

Here I want to deny the possibility 2 (HIGH FEAR)- The kind of pictures is so, that the author can be punished only for pictures and diagrams.
If he wanted to make real secret of what this book about - he should never make pictures with naked women and stars and fantastical plants.

Then I also want to deny the possibility 3 (CIPHERING MANIA)-
In this case he should be aware of decipherung technology of his time and make the cipher impossibly deep. Then we have no chance at all -- the method can be very complex, and more,
the text must have a lot of errors because of algorithm complicity-

So, in only one case we can discuss something - if the encoding is relative simple and the text is readable.

Given the (computational) complexity of modern codes breakable via computer, I take a more optimistic view than this - if we can determine the correct basis for the coding system (ie, the grouping level at which semantic information is held, etc), then we can probably break the code systematically.

The first step, then, is to unhide the cipher language - we can worry about the difficulties of breaking it afterwards. So, all my suggestions about paired ciphers relate to unhiding the code, rather than to breaking that code. FWIW, I don't believe I'll be the one to break the code, but I might just be the one to unhide it... fingers crossed! :-)

Cheers, .....Nick Pelling.....

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