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Re: VMs: RE: Copyrighting VMS

steve ekwall wrote:
........picture. (For example, the famous Cypress tree in Monterey
is protected by
trademark, limiting what rights you as a photographer can have).
WELL. that is ~silly~ if it indeed is a copyright law.. I don't know
this TREE (Cypress) in Monterey, but you say I cannot drive there and
"take its picture?" and put it on the web site here on my page and
call it say,(_pretty Cypress tree in Monterey_) Who has THAT
trademark? Who has the copyright? How old is THAT tree and who thinks
it OWNS the visual/photographical rights (same tree)/ over MY camera
shutter? (geeze louise)...
Forget ~silly~, THAT is ~scary~ if indeed visual sites cannot be
photographed... indeed THEY did try to hide AREA 51 from camera's but
that was _pre commercial_ photographic satellites! (..they lost)
yes, I know some (very little/ not a copyright lawer) about 'current' copyrights.. good
example is the currently released "Harry Potter BOOK V" (good for her
BTW :-))

There is a great difference between copyrights, trademarks and even patents (which are not applicable to VMs, thankfully).

BUT - the Voynich Manscript PRE-DATES all (~silly/stupid~ (commom)
laws)... surely you/we can take a photo of the Pyramids and
~copyright~ IT if you like, but surely you/I have NO RIGHTS of/over
the "Pyramids" if I too take a picture. (?) right?

As far as I know, no one has any intellectual property ownership or restrictions on the pyramids or the VMs. But if their 'owners' wanted such protections, they could apply for it and probably be granted.

All in all we are wasting time on this topic (i think) as it needs to
be decoded 1st, and it has been spread all over the internet now - and
the (gov)/nutty professor? would have to _kill all of us_ to silence
(IT)/the path?


  To decode it, we need a decent copy. No decent copy exists. To create a
decent copy, we need to obtain the rights to create such a copy, and the
means to do so. To obtain the means, we may need to raise money, and to
raise some money, we may need to ensure other people cannot parasitically
profit from our fundraising. Copyright is central to all of this.

Chris - Xenon
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