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VMs: How translucent is vellum?

Hey all,
Ken of the giant PDF, here.  Big FWIW.  I don't deal with old manuscripts really so here's a question for the experts.  How translucent is vellum? 
I ask because as I've been compiling the registered versions of the foldouts I'd flip the verso, paste it atop the recto and attempt to align the two folios with distinctive features on the vellum.  What I noticed was this.  The center of the zodiac pendants line up in every case.  OK, so the author used the same point to scribe the circles.  In fact, if I'm not mistaken the center point is easily seen on f73r and f71v.  But what is also interesting is that there are only a few instances where a ring of text overlaps the ring on the verso.  What you see is many concentric rings of text.  Also, (and this may just be giddy hope of having discovered something) many of the maidens appear to be holding the same star. 
A couple folios are difficult to determine because getting a sense of scale can be difficult in a few instances.  What would have been really helpful is a scale on the edge of each image.