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Re: VMs: algorithm to generate VMS like text

--- Brett Cotton <xzvxcvczcv@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The algorithm uses data from a previous program that
> analysed all of the FSG text in the interlinear 1.7
> file and produced a list of contact frequencies for
> each "letter". This is then plugged in to the text
> generator as a look up table for each letter. 

This is like a second-order monkey, then.
When running the entropy calculations, you should
find almost identical values for (h0,) h1 and h2,
but a high value for h3 (which can hardly be
calculated reliably anyway). But you can use
Frogguy's MONKEY to generate text including the
measured h3 value. You can do that for English
as well, to notice the difference between a
2nd order and a 3rd order monkey. You need
a longish text though. It is also a great tool
for producing 'fake' Italian or German (shades
of Monty Python). 
> I then thought that if an algorithm can produce text
> that is alike to the VMS and cannot be proved
> statistically to differ from the VMS then that
> algorithm could be a computational representation of
> a physical process used to generate the text at
> random. I have an idea of how this might work but
> want to spend a bit more time on it before posting
> to the list.

What the monkey cannot emulate is the long-range
variations (Mark Perakh and Gabriel's results).
I am not too sure whether the monkey would also 
generate a realistic word frequency list.

Cheers, Rene

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