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Re: VMs: algorithm to generate VMS like text

Rene Zandbergen r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx wrote

Subject: Re: VMs: algorithm to generate VMS like text

> > I then thought that if an algorithm can produce text
> > that is alike to the VMS and cannot be proved
> > statistically to differ from the VMS then that
> > algorithm could be a computational representation of
> > a physical process used to generate the text at
> > random. I have an idea of how this might work but
> > want to spend a bit more time on it before posting
> > to the list.
> What the monkey cannot emulate is the long-range
> variations (Mark Perakh and Gabriel's results).
> I am not too sure whether the monkey would also
> generate a realistic word frequency list.
> Cheers, Rene

Rene is there a site where a complete statistical breakdown is available for
word counts and word placement?


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