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Re: VMs: For this MONKEY: Help, pointers, etc. please:Unicode,TrueType fonts, kerning

7/09/2003 5:12:43 PM, Nick Pelling <incoming@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Hi Rafal,

>I thought the point of turbo-charging Monkey was to allow it to handle 
>multiple different kinds of transcription (not just VMs text), so as to 
>allow statistical comparisons between different types of text?

Yes, it is one of my aims.

I have learnt my lesson with MONKEY Mark I. Namely, that
when, ten years later, I went back to the source code,
I could figure out what did what, even though I could
easily rewrite it from scratch. Nowadays, when I write
some convoluted programs, I take my time. When something
works to my satisfaction, I put it aside and outside
my mind for a month or two or three, then only come back 
to it to integrate it with some other piece. If, as often 
happens, I have to scratch my head to figure out what
to do, it's a sure sign that it is not ready.

One of the feature of this Monkey must be the ability to
reinterpret the source text. So, to have BiTrans as a 
plug-in. Which means that I need to rewrite BiTrans as
well. And whilst I am at it, why not integrate an
editor as well? Looking at the on-screen concordance
you may very well discover probable transcription mistakes
here or there. In fact, Monkey then becomes a mere
tool as you find in most editors now, which give you
a character count, a word count, and so on.

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