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Re: VMs: Re: Cappelli's abbreviations

Bruce Grant wrote:
> Cappelli gives examples of abbreviations like that, with multiple
> meanings: for example, the symbol that looks like "9" can mean "con",
> "com", "cum", "cun", as in:
>     9cedo  =  concedo
>     9pleui  =  complevi
>     cir9  =  circum
> Since, for example, "com" or "con" is common at the beginning of Latin
> words but not at the end, and vice versa for "cum", it has the effect of
> meaning different things in different places.

	Yes.  The 9-like symbol, viz. Currier/Frogguy /9/ EVA
<y> , 
was used for the most common Latin masculine ending -us
.  Is the "9" 
ever used for other cases, e.g. -i genitive singular,
and so on?

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