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Re: VMs: Babelfish translation

Larry Roux lroux@xxxxxxx wrote

> Sorry, I tried this on a couple lines from the astronomical pages and got
nothing remotely close to text - Italian or otherwise.
> Here are 2 examples
> dcholday  (Aldebaran)-> bcestep
> from f69r:
>  Icchoq.gici.halle.?cci.nici.hadchi.nicp.os.gn.gnef.oii
> kcheeos.shey.paiin.chey.shey.qokeey.shdy.ol.ot.otal.sar

I have been updating the tables and some letters have changed. Although it
could also be that the tables changed at some point in the creation of the
VMS. Some letters moving positions. I am going to see an Italian carpenter
at some point soon to see if he can point me in the right direction with the
possible letter positions. I will also post the new table after I have
spoken to him. That is if it doesn't all fall apart. As is often the case.

BTW I have also come to the conclusion through experiment that the
combination ch in the EVA is highly likely to be a single character as it
has the highest recorded count in the text. The instances of stand alone c
or stand alone h might mark a very infrequently occuring character. The ch
combination could also indicate space markers.

The EVA characters C H O & Y all have significantly higher counts. This
could also mean that they carry the highest number of vowel positions. O is
the highest in frequency.

I will keep you posted.


PS I did retrieve a phrase that babelfish translated as "I am devoted to the
beautiful one." Any ideas what this might possibly mean?

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