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Re: VMs: f116v "michiton"

Interesting.  I had a theory last year that did not pan out.  I thought I saw some resemblance of some characters to lute tablature and so I placed the characters in words vertically and they seemed to match a staff nicely.  

When I tried to play it it came out badly though.  I can pretty much guarantee that it was not John Dowland who made the Voy <grin>

But then may I forgot to FoLd It....naw.

Larry Roux
Syracuse University
>>> Arqy0plex@xxxxxxx 11/19/03 23:52 PM >>>
Assuming that the first word in the main paragraph is indeed "michiton" (the 
scan isn't all that clear):

michi [pg 298] > ego [pg 162] = "in my manner"
ton (or tonus) [pg 486 - 487] = "tone; interval" (as in music)

"Revised Medieval Latin Word List (& etc.)"  R.E. Latham  ISBN 0197258913

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