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VMs: Information wanted

I would like to ask members of the list if they would be willing to
contribute some information to be posted on the georgeboolefanclub website.

I am interested in a little background on list members. Work backgound and
interests or hobbies. Any papers published. Maybe even a photo gallery.

I will be compiling a Voynich section. Any information that anyone feels
should be included please let me know.

I would also like to put together an index of web sites dealing with the
VMS. Alongside each index entry I would propose a description by the web
site author be included.

I also wish to bring together any known or assumed VMS history.

The site is mainly to be a general computer related site. However since
developing an interest in the VMS, and of course meeting really interesting
list members, I feel it would be a good place to gather information together
without it having a particular slant.

Any articles that people would like to contribute on computer matters would
also be appreciated. As the site is to be a resource for people to use.

If anyone feels that this is a good idea please let me know.


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