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Re: VMs: Has anyone seen this facsimile ? (Tranchedino)


Jim Reeds first found it and described it on 
the list. I was more lucky than you, in that
the Darmstadt library has a copy, and I had a
look as well.

I remember that the introduction said something
about similar ciphers originating from Spain,
which is rarely mentioned on this list.
Again, Jim Reeds once produced a sample letter
(from Spain) written in a very similar type of
cipher, and with a superficial resemblance to
the VMs. I wonder if anyone kept a copy of

Many VMs alphabet symbols occur in one or more
of Tranchedino's alphabets, but there are
dozens, (if not hundreds) of other, different symbols
in there, due to the sheer number of cipher
alphabets listed.

Cheers, Rene

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