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Re: VMs: A big shock

In a message dated 12/6/2003 12:15:05 AM Eastern Standard Time, lroux writes:

Just the fact that the Voy is unreadable "as is" implies a code of some fashion.  

And because almost everybody since Newbold has approached the VMs as a 'code'  means that it is?
Other than the VMs symbols themselves (strange and 'unreadable' though they may seem), on what basis do you believe that the information in the VMs is 'encrypted' at all?

Even if you say that EVA "y" equals, say, the "s" sound, it is still at least a single substitution cipher.

At some point you will still have to assign letter values (a la "substitution") to the VMs symbols. The EVA was designed as a descriptor of the VMs symbols, not as the values themselves. If you want to use the EVA as your translation text then do so. Heaven knows *I'm* not going to stop you.... ;)

I looked at your web page and tried to apply your schema to some Voy words.  No success.

Which glosses did you reference? Have you tried longer passages rather than isolated words?

What we call Aldebran: dcholday becomes duogdaa [nothing]
Pleides (doary) becomes doarya [still nothing]

This brings up a good point:
"What WE call (it)"
Maybe people way back when had different names for the same objects. In fact, I'd bet on it. Cross cultural boundaries, and it's practically assured. Even in the same geographical region, a plant known by one name might be called something else entirely different by somebody living on the other side of the hill. Two different languages, two different names. One predominates, the other drifts into obscurity. What 'we' call it now does not necessarily equate to what 'they' called it back then.

Again, no solution will be considered correct until it is re-usable and verifiable.  

The symbol key can be used on any page of the VMs. The sources are cited for the words found.
It's there for anybody to verify.
Or disprove.

So far your solution doesn't fit either bill.  

(See previous comment.)

But keep trying!

Encouragement is a dangerous thing..... ;)