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Re: VMs: A big shock

On Sun, 7 Dec 2003, Larry Roux wrote:
> ... of Astronomy.  We have cataloged the names of objects 
> going back thousands and thousands of years over many civilizations..

if VMS is about some native folk medicine,
written by a renaissance-time educated man, then it
could be, the astronomical/astrological section is
just some calender, where the "signs" mark times without
much connection to celestial affairs.

My first reason to think, it could be possible was:
in springtime, which is most critical for herbal medecine,
2 VMS-months are splitted in 2 parts - 
this could give us some data about the place, too


You see, suspicion about the spring-fairy 
"The Fatty" Pahkos/Fakhis/Pechos returns easily, hehe...

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