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VMs: crossbow Sagittarius, "4" and "4o"

- Thank you Dana, Nick, Rafal, Rene for your comments
and links on Sagittarius with a crossbow - Nick, it'll be interesting to hear what Mr Sensfelder has to say about it - is it less unique than we think?

- On the "4" and "4o" issue: From the Universitat Augsburg (as referred by Jan Hurych on his website), I noticed this odd table designed by Ramon Lull in 1283(?) which contains several 4s. The link is to a picture of Lull's work on electoral systems:


then click on the first bullet point, "Artifitium electionis personarum" and proceed to scroll down the pic till  you find the several "4" characters at the end of the odd table. I know Nick was looking for some Western samples of it, and so there's one, pre-Quattrocento.


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