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Re: VMs: crossbow Sagittarius, "4" and "4o"

luis.velez@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> http://www.math.uni-augsburg.de/stochastik/llull/
> then click on the first bullet point, "Artifitium electionis 
> personarum" and proceed to scroll down the pic till  you find 
> the several "4" characters at the end of the odd table.

These are clearly a form of "q" as can be seen from the
alphabetic order within the grid.

So perhaps the VMS 4o is shorthand for "quatro" or "quo" or sthg?

BTW: I have seen the 4o symbol often in German burgher heraldry
and on printers' signets - just can't find the examples.

Best regards,

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