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Re: VMs: Re: German bits in the VM?

19/12/2003 8:38:00 PM, Elmar Vogt <elvogt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Wasn't it mentioned somewhere that there were "three lines of German" in a 
>paragraph of Voynichese?

I remember having read that several years ago
but when I checked on the relevant folio, I could
see nothing even remotely resembling any form of 

You may recall Levitov's decipherment too. Levitov
managed to read a sort of pidgin Dutch into the
VMS. All self-delusion, of course, and I demonstrated
it here.

>And what about the "key"? Some latin phrase, translating to "I have been 
>given many doors" on the last page? I checked but couldn't find any 
>decipherable (ha!) latin letters there.

It takes a great deal of imagination. With just as
much imagination I could read on the lines below
a litany of the Holy Virgin in Greek and in Latin, interspersed
with signs of the cross. You can read there: 
"hagia Maria" ("hagia" spelt phonetically as "ahia") 
and "Sta Maria".

There is "some German" there too. Ah, found my Newbold!
Plate XVI, opposite p.110

I read (where S = long s): 

 + michi ton oladabas + mltos + ?? + ?? cerc + ... [more rubbish]
 Sta + maria + maria + via + ahia + maria +
 <oror sheey> valdch ubren So nim gaS mich o

>From "michi ton" and so on you extract "mihi
dabas multos" and from the "more rubbish" you
get "portas". Hence: "you were giving me 
many doors". A sound ignorance of Latin
helps reach this decipherment, too.

The "So nim gaS mich" bit is interpreted by some
as "so nim gar mich". Whence, I suppose, the
legend of the German lines.

>If this is truly a hoax, that'd be the best thing, because then the riddle 
>would never end...
>	Elmar
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>"Existenz ist das Sein desjenigen Seienden, das offen steht
>für die Offenheit des Seins, in der es steht, indem es sie aussteht".
>"The message is that there are known knowns - there are things that we
>know that we know. There are known unknowns - that is to say, there are
>things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown
>unknowns - there are things we do not know we don't know. And each year
>we discover a few more of those unknown unknowns." (Rumsfeld)
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