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VMs: azhor shtsheey valsch vbrey

vbrey seems much like some form of (in any Slavic  language)
"choosing", choice.

well, we have already German, Latin, "native" Voynichese ... but I can't see 
anything available for "vbrey" in these tongues. But of course, it could be ein 
"valsches" choice.

valsch - I still stay vor German "falsch"

so, I ask, could this sentence be a translation of "aror sheey"?

aror (azhor?) - wrong?
sheey (shtshey?) - search?

probably too ambitious, OK...

"search!" (imperativ)in some languages:
Russian:		ishtshi!
Most of Finno-Ugric:	otsi!, etsi!, etc
English			"search!" is similar, too - could the first part 
			historically be just some prefix?
German			Suche! ("che" again, probably once pronounced
			in similar way to how it is written

and this search could be continued...

and I do not have right here any proposals for similarities with "aror/azhor"

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