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VMs: Research Note: Preliminary Results of Astronomy on f67r2

I assumed the line from the middle at 9 o'clock means "start here",
and each segment means a lunar month. I used Starry Night Pro 
and looked at the area around the Moon each month while it was 
in a waxing crescent phase during 1583. The notation "pn" means
a planet name is given in that month on the folio.

Since the Moon is nowhere near the Sun in the phase shown on
the folio, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are eliminated from

Jan       --
Feb 3   pn    Mars
Mar     --
Apr      pn
May     --
Jun       pn
Jul        pn
Aug      pn
Sep 30 pn    Jupiter
Oct      --
Nov     --
Dec      pn

I noticed that the Moon occults the Pleiades this year, just like
in 1533.

Robert Teague

"Okay, that's it. I'm calling the Mother Ship."

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