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Re: VMs: Cardan Grille


tyoung1@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Cardan Grilles:
> Cardan Grilles were used to hide messages inside other messages. Two
>people would agree on the layout of the grill.  Basically, they would
>take a rigid piece of paper and cut squares in it.  One would then
>write a message in those squares; one letter per square.  The next step
>was to remove the grill and fill in the remaining white space with
>random letters.  If you were good, you could fill in the white space
>with meaningful text.  Now, the recipient, to read the message, would
>place his/her copy of the grill over the text revealing its true

This looks very much like the simple code used by Dorothy L Sayers in
"The Nine Tailors"; the hidden message was plotted as one of the bells
in a set of changes (English style church bell change ringing) with the
gaps filled in to make an apparently meaningful script.

If you are a bell-ringer it is quick and easy to do; my nephew and I
used this method of exchanging 'secret' messages a lot when he was
young. Mark you, to make a really innocuous-looking text needs a fairly
nimble 'crossword mind' and the exercise is probably good for one.....




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