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Re: VMs: Cardan Grille

tyoung1@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Cardan Grilles:

Cardan Grilles were used to hide messages inside other messages. Two people would agree on the layout of the grill. Basically, they would take a rigid piece of paper and cut squares in it. One would then write a message in those squares; one letter per square. The next step was to remove the grill and fill in the remaining white space with random letters. If you were good, you could fill in the white space with meaningful text. Now, the recipient, to read the message, would place his/her copy of the grill over the text revealing its true meaning.

David Kahn ("The Codebreakers", p. 144) adds that the grille holes can take either a letter (as above), a syllable, or a whole word. -- Jim Gillogly

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