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Re: VMs: John Dee tables

Rene Zandbergen r_zandbergen@xxxxxxxxx
on 07 January 2004 07:46

> Hello Jeff,
> could you elaborate a bit more?
> Rene
> --- Jeff <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > This was written using tables created by John Dee
> >
> > ar.airi.earri.esndni.la.airi.venso
> > arneairi.lagagaab.evni.so.ariabeg
> > solgaab.aoofio.origaab.esgagaab
> > aeopga.momgeg.ofasrr.agagaab.evniso
> > rigaab.olrigaab.oairi.vzaeea.gairi
> >
> >
> ______________________________________________________________________

In John Dee's Mysteriorum, Liber Tertius there is a diagram of 7 tables.
Each table is a 7 x 7 grid. Each cell contains a letter of the latin
alphabet along with a number from 1 to 49.  Selecting number sequences,
where each individual number selects a letter from the position in the next
available table will produce repetition when number sequences with the same
pattern of digits is used. A rule needs to be developed as to which table
will be ths start table for a word of any given length.

As an example. If we have the number sequence, 1 9 25 40 2, this will give
us a 5 letter word. If we make a rule that the digits 1-7 must always start
in table 1, digits 8-14 in table 2 etc, then we can easily devise a number
system to generate repetition.

As we only ever have 49 indexes the patterns have more chance of repeating
if the rules are strict enough.

When I analysed unique pair withing words of the first 19 pages of the VMS I
found exactly 168 of them. 168 divided by 7 is 24. This could indicate that
a modified method using 7 tables 6 x 4 could have been used.

Let me know what you think Rene. I believe it would be an alternative answer
to the Cardan Grille.


NOTE: I have not checked the pair statistics on the whole VMS, but 168 in
the first 19 pages seems a bit too odd considering the tables I found.

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